Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to my Birthday Day 3: A Babysitter for Free

Now this can't be just any babysitter, it has to be a free one that comes with a great personality and love for life as well as family. This would be a person who would watch my children so that I could start working daytime hours and if the person can't come for free then maybe a low rate because after all I will still be at the home working versus your typical babysitter when you work outside of the home.

This person will be expected to play with the boys, if applicable change diapers and handle nap time. They will also have to do lunch and sometimes breakfast as well as snack through out the day. This person must have a love for high energy children and know how to use time out as a form of effective discipline, heck why not just give me SuperNanny because she fits my wish list completely!

SuperNanny will you be my birthday gift this year or maybe next year on my 30th birthday?
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