Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown To My Birthday Day 2: Organizing & Fire Safe Stuff

Today I have more realistic wishes for my dream birthday present gift ideas! Today I want to request that someone purchase some organizing tools for me and to start off I would love to own a fire safe file cabinet box so that I can not only keep important paperwork but pictures that I can not replace.  I also want to keep all documents for clients in my fire safe file cabinet because my small box just isn't doing it any more ...

Next I would love to have some shelving for me to place books and binders on. I am a huge fan of using binders for my documents such as client data sheets from my virtual assistant business and also I love to keep track of hours in my binder as well as in electronic form.

I would like to think these two items are more realistic than yesterdays dream gift wish.  These items will serve a purpose rather than a pleasure, although I am addicted to keeping organized so they would be fun for me.

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