Monday, October 25, 2010

Countdown to My Birthday Day 1: Netbook

I am probably without Internet right now and have scheduled these posts, so for this week I figured why not count down to my birthday with items I really want but probably will never buy due to budget restraints ... should I actually be a kid that gets birthday presents the next few days will be products I would totally want. Today I feature the Netbook ... because not only do I want a Netbook but my daughter does too, it would be a dual purpose gift!

I am in love with all things to do with computers and if I mess them up? Justin is quick to fix them for me, for cheap. We won't talk about trade offs right now, this is a semi-friendly family place after all. Ha ha ha! Totally joking there, I am still working off my tattoo he paid for so we can't afford any more trades at the moment.

For my birthday I want a Netbook and if I get one, that would be something I would totally cry about, but for now I will deal with my laptop and PC because after all I don't really "need" another computer.