Monday, September 13, 2010

You Must Be Joking

I woke up this morning to find yet again my trust has been broken, not that I am all that surprised but seriously .... really? The one person who broke my trust is a person I thought I could seriously trust. This is a person who always seemed to be that one person I could speak to and they would treat me with respect.

This person was the kind of person who I could talk to and they could politely disagree with me. We could share opinions, they could tell me I was acting stupid and I would take their opinion into consideration because they said it in the most respectful way. Today I have lost that person, it has been brought to my attention that this person is not someone who can be trusted any longer and that my friends makes today a slightly sad day.

I haven't lost my man, I haven't lost my children and so that makes this a great day! My man hasn't betrayed my trust, my children haven't done much more than make me smile today and for that I must say thanks for. My heart was only slightly broken today. Today was the day I found out those few people I thought I could trust can no longer be trusted. So sad, but hey, at least I found out now rather than later.

Once again I must remind myself to not be so open with my personal business that I usually share pretty openly with family and friends. Once again I have to train myself to zip my lips and only share that type of personal information with those I know I can love and trust. Loving and trusting a person doesn't mean always agreeing, it simply means when something is stated to you that you will not and I repeat WILL NOT speak that to another person without telling me that you told another person or asking my permission prior to doing so.

Honesty is something I can respect, being deceitful and non-trusting is something I have no respect for.

Note - don't mind how this article flows, wrote it in the moment of aggravation.