Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is So Hard About Sleeping

I don't get it. What is so difficult about hearing a bedtime story, getting some water and laying down to sleep? Seems like a pretty easy freaking process to me. For the past two years you would think it was the hardest chore in the whole wide world and according to the pediatrician I saw a few times it's as easy as laying a mattress on the floor of a room and locking your young child in their bedroom with nothing else in the room.

For me it's all about trying to be consistent so my children have had the same routine ever since we've started having troubles with AJ, which was about two years ago. The routine is really strict for the boys but not so strict with my daughter as she is older and has her own bedroom.  Basically my night starts with rounding up the kids so they know it's time to chill out and get ready for bed. Most nights it's bath time, followed by pajama's being put on. Next AJ takes his melatonin and we head off to the bathroom to brush teeth. The boys sometimes are tricksters during teeth brushing but we keep them on focus because if they get too hyper it's hard to settle them down for the next step which is story time.

We read anywhere from two to four storybooks depending upon if the boys have picked out one each or two each. After books are read sippy cups are full with water for AJ and milk for baby K. I tuck both boys in after they give all the hugs and kisses to sissy, Daddy, each other and me. Then the battle starts .... it's one thing after another, they need more drink, AJ wants to tell me something, AJ wants to know if he can do this and that tomorrow and AJ wants everything all of a sudden at bedtime.

I do not get it ... I am losing my mind ... I try to remain positive but this bedtime routine taking two hours or more and then with at least one of them waking up every couple of hours all night long ... you tend to start losing sleep and your mind really can't focus on anything but the idea of sleep.

I wish ... I wish .. there was a sleep study or some testing that they would do on AJ so he can start getting sleep and his brother can start getting sleep and not to mention Justin and me ... lack of sleep is dangerous! Seriously .. one night I laid on the couch and passed out for like three hours or more after I tended to the boys for the 100th time!
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