Friday, September 24, 2010

They Are Called Breasts People

I sometimes wonder if people have no clue what breasts are. For me they came on strong at a young age, please say my daughter doesn't have to deal with that, and then later became a feeding necessity for my three children. I am uncertain where my breasts came from because they were always rather large for my size and now I feel very top heavy. I like to wear certain clothing, v-neck shirts are my favorite but with a chest the size of mine I get accused of flaunting my stuff. Mind you, I am far from trying to flaunt these bad boys, I am forever trying to hide them.

As you can see in the picture above they don't look all that bad. The key to me making them look slightly smaller? I wear too small of bras, yup, and it kills me. My back hurts always, my shoulders slouch forward. These babies are heavy. The problem with large breasts is that I swear men and woman have to stare at them whether you have a little cleavage showing or hiding them under a t-shirt ... the breasts are still there and boy do they get a lot of attention.

I love my breasts, if I had a bra that actually supported them and could find a local dealer who sold affordable size 38e bras then I would totally not worry about a reduction but alas I can't find local stores that sell bras that big and so I am going to work my butt off trying to find a way to get a breast reduction so I can be 36C or even 38C would make me happy! So I wonder, what is it that makes people stare at my chest no matter what I wear for a shirt? Is it because they are so gigantic? I have seen larger .... And do you have this problem?

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