Friday, September 10, 2010

Teaching His Brother

I was so excited when my four year old started "teaching" his brother things. For instance one night Baby K hurt AJ so AJ says "that hurts" then proceeded to say "that means someones hurt". I giggled but gave praise to AJ for his efforts in helping Baby K with what being hurt  means. Now let's travel into the evening hours, we had an early dinner so I let the boys play with my laundry basket, they love a good laundry basket race! I was watching them interact and at one point AJ pipes up and says "say dammit" so Baby K being the obedient little brother he is pipes up and says "dammit" then not even a second later AJ says say "dammit Mama" so of course the parrot Baby K repeats AJ.

At this point I tell AJ that dammit is a bad word that him nor K should be saying. They stopped and went back to playing. Enter the next morning ... Justin let me sleep in and when I finally woke up I hear baby K saying "dammit" over and over again. I stumbled out of my bedroom and asked Justin if he was going to let our son run around saying dammit? Justin replied "I didn't even know that's what he was saying". I laugh and say "yes of course that is what the little parrot is saying". We both tell K that's not a good word to say at that point.

I give Justin credit, because I am the primary caregiver of both the boys because he works well over a 40 hour work week outside of the home so of course I have learned the baby language better. Not that Justin can't understand his youngest son, it's just harder at times because he hasn't been taught all the ins and outs of Baby K language! So the moral of this story?

Watch what you say as a parent because you never know when the munchkins are listening and will repeat what you say! Do you have any kid stories of those naughty words kids say when they first learn them?
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