Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Walls, My House, My Rules

Well okay I have to share that statement with Justin, so our walls, our house and our rules! Either way it's us and no one else that will tell our children what they can do, can't do or should do inside of the walls we call our home. That includes a co-parent. I don't care if that co-parent is super involved, an awesome parent and an amazing person to their child; they still have no right to come into my home and tell our child what they will or will not be allowed to do here, in my home!

Am I wrong or am I right? I love co-parenting, it works so wonderfully. My daughter has it great, or so it seems most times, she has two loving parents who can get along with each other and even attend events, appointments and similar together when it involves her. The only problem is; he apparently thinks it is okay to rule my house too. Nope, notta, sorry not happening!

I don't care how much this dude helps me out, fathers our child or goes out of his way to be at everything that involves her. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the help, I think it's great that my child has a super involved father but mind you I do not take kindly to people coming into my home and telling a child what they can or can't do. I would never go to this dude's house and tell my daughter what she can or can't do behind his walls; those are his walls, his house and his rules. I don't like his rules in all honesty, there are many where I cringe and wonder if  my daughter will be able to be a child there?! Regardless of my personal feelings of the rules at the other home I feel I have no place to say a thing, why? For starters his rules are not harming my child, even though I have to question if sometimes it's emotionally harming her having two completely different households, and for second it's his house and I don't care if we both have equal rights to her, we also have 100% rights to rule our homes the way we deem fit.

I have been really good at biting my tongue per the request of my daughter but it's to the point where I want to call up a family meeting and stand my ground. No one other than, maybe, just maybe babysitter, is going to come inside my home and over step boundaries when it comes to my rules! If the rules do her no harm, then leave it be dude! Oh and if you have a problem with it make sure you take it up with me not her! It's the adults that should be discussing "issues" not a child and parent.

Done ... you can move on with your day or leave a comment below telling me what you think about this topic ...

Side Note: I don't mean to sound rude, my daughter has a very involved father who, for the most part, I get along with , but sometimes I swear I wonder where he thinks he has a right to rule my house too.
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