Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's Just Pile it On

How much more can a girl take? I work from home, I blog, I do some freelance writing, I run with a 2 and 4 year old all day all the time, I cook, I clean and well I even give to others in my Blogging Support group. I run not only my blog but my virtual assistant business and let me tell you SEO clients are big right now, everyone wants their site listed and listed properly within their specific niche. I also took on some extra work as we are saving money so I can try to get a new to me SUV or van.

My man has a plate of dinner in the microwave waiting for him every night he comes home from work, my children are all healthy, clean and happy. My readers love the giveaways, reviews and positive blog posts I have been sharing with them. When is it time for me? For me to receive that nice meal when I am done with a day of parenting and working? Where is that back massage I so need to relieve the stress I hold in my shoulders day after day?

Yeah, you answered correctly ... it is no where to be found, but I bet you thought I was here to do a whole ranting and venting that my life sucks? That I just can't take anymore, huh?! Nope, not me, not the Brandy Ellen who maintains a smile more often than not, who instead of getting upset when her two year old won't sleep sits down and plays blocks with him in the middle of the night. Who greets her man with a hug, even if he doesn't seem like he appreciates it at times. I am that girl, the girl that gives and gives and although receiving in return would be nice, I rarely expect it.

Life should be a two way street though, and eventually you would think the smiles will fade, the mood will get negative and this Mama will be at her limit. I do have those days, the days when I just want to curl up and sleep all day, allow depression to kick in and allow myself to focus on all that I have on my plate. Focus on all that I do in a day and think of it in a negative way, but my mind won't let me. It's like my mind is working against for me, day after day I smile, day after day I find something positive about my life. I chose this life, I live this life the best I can and by gosh I am going to enjoy every waking moment I have as a work at home mom. I am thankful, appreciative, happy that I am able to be home, to make an income from home. I am proud I get to raise my children, I am happy I have a man who may not always seem to be on the same page as me, stands by me and supports all I do.

I am thankful, simply thankful that I have it all piled on, because this is the life I live, it's the only one I know how to live and smiling always gets me through it!
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