Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friendships: Virtual vs Reality

As a virtual assistant and a blogger I lead a very heavy duty virtual life, but I also have a real life. The thing with virtual lives and friendships is that they totally rock and keep you going especially when you are at your wits end with work and/or blogging. People online can relate to you better than most anyone in your real life situations. We all have our days when we want to vent or chat it up about something that happened online and as much as our in real life friends & family try to support us and listen to us, they really have no clue.

It's those virtual based friendships that seem to keep us moving forward. Virtual friends rock because they know where you are coming from and usually they can completely relate to what you are going through. I have found that in order for me to keep my happy and help others stay happy I must have a good mix of in real life friends and virtual friends. There is nothing like a nice night out with real friends. That is what I am craving, a night out with in real life friends!

Every chance I get to go out and have a real life conversation with another adult I am like in lala land for hours! Justin laughs at me, because it's like I never get out. I act like I am some girl who lives a secluded life in the boonies and all of a sudden Brandy had a play date! It's really funny to listen to me after I had some adult interactions! Even if it's walking around Walmart, sitting at a movie theater, sitting downtown parked in cars just chatting with another adult ... I need it ... everyone needs it!

Virtual friends ROCK but there's nothing like an in real life friendship to make or break the day for ya! So if you don't have many in real life friends go out and mingle, walk around a store, go to a bar, wherever your little heart desires and make some friends! If I can do this ... YOU CAN DO THIS!
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