Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation Anyone?

Okay I can't believe that Summer is nearly over! We had planned on getting to Maine one time this Summer vacation but it seems we may end up doing a day trip rather than an overnight trip. Who knows though, we have planned vacations with shorter time frames before, like within a few days, so who knows.

All I do know is that I am ready for a vacation, my kids are ready for a vacation and J is ready for a vacation too! I know when you are not a parent it may be easier to plan a vacation because it's just you and possibly your significant other. When you start planning a vacation with three children, all of which are ages 7 and under, well then it takes some planning.

For starters, since two of my three children are still in diapers, I want to ensure there is a rest room or a bathroom within the place we are staying. I want to ensure there is ample room for all five of us and I want to be sure the place is family friendly, because I am sure that those adults vacationing away from their children are not going to want to listen to mine all the time. I can't blame them there!

So as we look for places to stay we are hoping to get to York, ME so that we are able to enjoy York Beach and the Zoo that is there as well. No one in our family has ever been inside of a zoo so that experience is one we wish to do as a family!

Are you going on a vacation this Summer or have you already gone on one? I would love to hear what your ideal vacation is or was!
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