Thursday, July 22, 2010

Being a Parent who Likes Alcohol

Alright everyone I have to get it out of my head because I've seen it on Facebook, Twitter and other people's blogs ... Moms who like to enjoy a drink and get wild every once in a while whether with their significant other (if they have one) or as a single person seem to get looked down upon. It's as if there is a law saying "you are not to find a babysitter for your children so that you can go out and get drunk once in a while". I mean really?

I recall a while back reading a status update from another friend on Facebook who actually said something about her getting a hard time from someone because she has a liquor cabinet because she is a Mom. The comment she stated on her FB page was something like "do we just throw out the alcohol when a child arrives".  I can't recall which friend it was but I remember thinking "are people really this way?" Are there really people in this world who were drinkers before kids were born that stop all of a sudden for the simple fact that they are a parent?!

I can understand slowing down on the alcohol consumptions, I can understand stopping if you have a drinking problem but I personally see absolutely nothing wrong with letting yourself go and enjoying a drink whether it is at a club, at a bar, at a restaurant or a couple drinks with friends & family at a BBQ. Who cares if you drink alcohol or not? Does that really make or break you as a parent? I think not.

I don't usually hang out with people who do not drink at all because on a weekend, if the kids are gone or asleep, I may like to enjoy a good game of cards with a couple beers. I love Bud Light, but I rarely drink alcohol if I have responsibilities. You won't find me drinking if there is not another adult, like the boys father, around or my sister around who isn't drinking. I won't get drunk when my kids are my priority either. It's called being a parent comes first, but you can still have fun and enjoy a drink or two without being a bad person.

I used to get totally wasted, all the time when I was younger and now it's few and far between that I actually get that drunk. A few beers and maybe a buzz on an occasion are simply something I enjoy. I drink so much water that I've never had a hang over and rarely do I get a chance to drink a whole bunch since having three kids because in all reality fun family things are more of my style now adays.

So ... what do you think? Is it bad that a parent still enjoys an alcoholic beverage on occasion? Lay it on me, I want to hear it!
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