Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Hate Relationship

Today I am talking about my love hate relationship with coffee. I love my coffee and I drink more than you want to know on a daily basis. I start my day off by hitting that brew button on the new coffee maker I bought because my old one is resting in peace now. I pour a travel mug sized cup of coffee and drink 2-3 of them each morning. I do not eat right away as I am not hungry, it's my friend coffee that jump-starts me for a productive day of being mom and virtual assistant.

I love hate coffee for a few reasons, for starters if I don't drink my coffee in the morning I end up with a migraine like you would not believe and the other reason is because well it makes me pee a lot! I haven't peed this much since I was pregnant! I am guilty of having coffee while pregnant too, I drank coffee with my last two pregnancies, with my first pregnancy I wasn't a coffee drinker. It is the administrative assistant position I held years back in New London, NH that I blame for my coffee addiction. The high paced, multi-tasking environment required some form of caffeinated beverage to keep you moving forward all day long.

Truth be told, I love coffee it is delicious the only problem is I have way too much sugar in it and must drink french vanilla creamer in it or else I can't stomach it. Some days I can only handle one cup because it seems to be eating at my stomach or something. I am getting older and the fear of diabetes running in my family scares me but I can't help but to start my day with this evil beverage.

Some day I hope to get past the coffee addiction but I have yet to find a replacement, I love having a hot cup of tea but it just doesn't give me my fix or jump-start I need each morning. I don't get much sleep and I don't eat much at all. I am raising three kids all age 7 and and under which means Mama needs to run from the second she wakes up. My middle child is a high energized boy who wakes up with loads of energy ready to start his day and Mama can't slack off for a moment or else the house will be turned upside down. For now I love hate my coffee but it's staying in my life because it's the only love hate relationship I can handle!

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