Thursday, June 24, 2010

If All Else Fails

I was sitting around this morning, eyes burning, feeling like I was so exhausted I wasn't going to be able to move, get work done or anything. Not sure what's up with  me feeling like this more often than not. I am usually pretty smiley and happy. I swear I know why my mind is having a hard time focusing, lack of sleep. My sons have been having a real hard time sleeping again, the youngest appears to be possibly getting sick with a super bad cough that wakes him through out the night and my middle child has always had issues off and on with sleeping, well this past week has been rough for him. Luckily if one wakes up they don't wake the other up, they share a bedroom, because if I had both boys up mid night all the time I probably would be more exhausted than I feel right now. My eyes felt like they were hardly open so I took a picture and they do look tired, don't you think?

My youngest laid down for a nap and my older two wanted to watch a DVD in the bedroom so I thought this would give Mama a chance to recoup. I laid myself down on the couch to curl up and relax my eyes for just a little while when the two munchkins who don't nap decided they weren't going to watch a DVD they wanted to go in Mama's room and play UNO Moo and so that is where I sit writing this blog post for you all. I decided if they were going to be playing games and not relaxing I better make myself another cup of coffee! Sure enough I am back to feeling spunky again ... so if all else fails ... drink coffee!!!! Cheers ...

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