Friday, May 21, 2010

Enjoy The Weekend

It's almost the weekend, Friday is coming to an end and all I can think about is the birthday I am attending with my kids and that according to our local weather man it appears to be a nice weekend! I will be cooking out on the grill tonight our family's favorite ... hot dogs and taking in some sun rays while running playing baseball with the munchkins!

Usually when the weekend comes that my children will be home, I make sure to get all my work done on Friday so that my weekend is fun filled and late at night I try to make a bath with my relaxing Aveeno bath bubble magic lotion! I love the smell of lavender, it's relaxing for sure!

All I can say is that I plan to take time to love my kids all weekend long, giving extra hugs and extra time to truly listen to their stories. I will enjoy every waking moment of it and hope that they sleep tight so we can have fun filled days!

Signing off for now ... xoxoxo!
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