Friday, April 9, 2010

Heart Racing .... Mind Moving Faster Than Lips

Do you ever get that feeling? It's like all of a sudden your day has gone from a relaxing moment to a work filled day, which is great on your pocket book but if you let it can be quite overwhelming to your mind and body!

I often find that I am allowing myself to have a panic attack, you see I love being busy that's why I do so well as a work at home mother. It's great to know that I am able to run around with the kids and then get them down to nap to sit down and work. My mind loves to stay busy! Don't get me wrong, I do know when to take a break and relax a bit, which I do make time for, but overall I am a person who has always loved to keep busy!

The last out of home job I held was as an administrative assistant in New London, NH for a great office that only had three of us working there, on the rare occasion they would bring in a fourth person but because of how well I worked as a multi-tasker and the job requiring someone who had that skill it was really hard to find the perfect fit. I will be honest I miss that job and my bosses dearly, they had become my family and now they live in South Carolina!

My point to this rambling is not that I love to multi-task and keep busy but more that I get overwhelmed just like the rest of you. The difference between me and most people is that I do not allow it to ruin my day or get the best of me so to speak. I am a firm believer that it's all in your mindset!

If you allow your busy day to consume your mind and spend a moment worrying about the work load or activity load then you are sure to end up having a panic attack or a break down. Take a moment ... breath in and out ... slowly ... deeply and then relax. Sit down to really look at all you have to do in one day and write a list ordered on priority basis and work from highest priority to lowest. If you allow your mind to think proactive versus reactive then you will find out you can complete everything that has been thrown to you today and you will feel great doing it all!

HUGS TO YOU and remember ... you can only feel the way you allow yourself to feel so say it really slow ... I FEEL GREAT TODAY .... I CAN SUCCEED TODAY!

Make it a Happy Day!

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