Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Kids and Me @pizzahut

A couple weekends ago I had plans to go to Pizza Hut with my sister and the three munchkins, well that plan fell through when just before I was leaving my sister was unable to go. I wasn't upset with my sister but I did have a problem on hand, the kids were already super excited to be heading out for dinner because we never eat out. This was a rare opportunity to see how three kids will do in a restaurant alone with Mommy and I was afraid, very afraid. My daughter was excited and telling me she would help with AJ and Baby K would be fine in the high chair, she is always so reassuring and positive, love that she gets that attitude from me. Of course, I had to remind my daughter that she is 7 and although I will appreciate the help she is not required to be a 2nd mother ... I am the mother and I can handle AJ.

Since the kids were all excited I couldn't cancel our once in a year event of being able to go eat out at a restaurant and besides Pizza Hut is family friendly so figured why not. Well Baby K fell fast asleep on the ride there, mind you the place is less than half an hour away from where I live so apparently that baby was tired! Baby K actually slept the whole time up until about 5 minutes before we were ready to leave. My daughter and AJ were complete angels and it's funny because AJ had been quite the terror all day long with his acting out. You see AJ has ADHD and ODD anything you want that kid to do he will do the opposite, his first reaction to anything you ask him to do is NO, it's like he is just wired to want to do the opposite and be completely 100% defiant. I am working on this, it's hard, but I am working on it. AJ apparently loved being able to go out to a public restaurant, he used his manners, he blew me kisses when I told him I ordered him chicken (he doesn't much care for pizza, unlike me - I love pizza).

Overall the experience was amazing, the waitress was awesome and the kids were even more awesome! I praised the kids all the way home and they were beaming so proud of themselves and I could tell that my praise to them meant the world! So there you have it I went out to Pizza Hut, alone, with three kids ages 18 months, 3 1/2 and 7 and I survived! If I can do this alone YOU CAN TOO! Have faith in your kids they seem to always surprise me when I am least expecting it!

Make it a Happy Day!

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