Thursday, March 4, 2010

In The Trash They Went

My youngest loves to steal my keys and he gets ahold of them from time to time because I am too slow. Today was one of those days, I had left my keys in the door as I brought things in from the car and away Baby K ran with those keys in hand, jingling all the way to the bedroom, the bathroom and back to the kitchen. I didn't take them, I pretended that it was a big deal and he was getting away with stealing something Mama wanted. We made it into a cute little game.

Well one thing I should tell you is that I do not have a spare car key, apparently Saab keys are not easily copied down at the hardware store, and I have yet to get it through the dealership. I am cheap, I don't like to spend money and so I have yet to get a spare key and just hoping I don't lose this one.

Finally I had to go to the bathroom, I had been holding it since all morning while we were out running errands, just the two boys and me! I told Baby K come with Mama to the bathroom she has to go potty and so he followed along keys in hand and smiles! I stood up after going pee and oops, he threw the keys so fast that I couldn't catch them and in the toilet they went. Oh yeah, my keys hit the toilet and sunk!

So today I had to reach my hand into a pee filled toilet to save the only car key I have, luckily the boys are not old enough to pick on me for this for the rest of my life! So do you kids or have your kids done anything like this that you think oh man, this is gross?!

Make it a Happy Day!

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