Monday, February 22, 2010

What 2 Hours of Sleep Gets Me

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OMG I seriously had 2 hours of sleep last night, so you would think I would have been dragging butt and feeling all groggy. That was not me, I woke up around 3 or 3:30 in the morning to a 3 year old who was saying "Mama me puked everywhere, and on my pillow". I jumped out of bed, slowly as to not wake the sleeping Baby K who had snuck in my bed mid night but it didn't work. I was now officially out of bed with an 18 month old and a 3 and a half year old, both of which are sick. One worse than the other, considering all I could see was throw up piles of liquid (no food or anything as he hadn't eaten in a while) all over my living room floor and AJ's bedroom.

How exciting, would you just want to curl up and go back to sleep? Yeah, me too and so I did. Yup, I put the 18 month old in his playpen with a bottle of milk told him it wasn't time to get up yet and put on PBS Sprout for the 3 year old. Well I napped for a little while but woke up to find that each child had decided to place saltine crackers everywhere, one playpen full and one bedroom full as well as a living room floor filled with saltine cracker crumbs. Mind you it was me who set the crackers out thinking it would be good for the 3 year old's tummy, well apparently it was only good for Mama's house. LOL

I finally realized a nap was not happening and so I was up and ready to move on with my day, as if I had any other choice! I cleaned the cat box, I gave the cats fresh food and water, I cleaned all the cracker mess up and all the throw up. I washed bedding, I dried bedding. I also took care of three loads of laundry that had been sitting there calling my name for a couple of days now. I vacuumed, I scrubbed, I just went all crazy on a cleaning and organizational spree. I completed all the paperwork for the legal separation and it's ready for the soon to be ex hubs to sign, well I just feel so accomplished. My work is pretty much complete for the day as well so I may just crash after Girl Scouts but who knows the way I am I usually get all hyper around 9pm and can't sleep no matter how exhausted I was all day long.

So that is what 2 hours of sleep does to me .. what does it do to you?
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