Monday, January 4, 2010

Now All I Need is a Microwave

Have you found yourself wondering where 2009 went? How about wondering why you didn't compare shopping prices during Christmas season? I know I am a frugal shopper, and actually I am really the Queen of Free if I have to take on any title! I enjoy finding most of my family presents for free or really low cost.

This season I was lucky in that I was able to find a lot of shopping deals online. I have to wonder that if businesses were offering mostly online deals because we are addicted to technology? I bet more people than we think shop online ever year and thus they are saving a load of money.

I think we did really well in our home this year during the holiday season, we didn't overspend and were able to really have a blogger's Christmas. Most items were received from brands as a way to get honest, hands on consumer reviews and let me tell you there is not one item I received this past year that didn't make my family happy. Most items I have been lucky to receive are of high quality and long lasting material.

This year I plan to save some money for all those items I still need, but obviously didn't get for Christmas, such as a new, large microwave oven. I love my microwave but it's a hand me down and the door is hard to open, making it nearly impossible for my seven year old to use it on a frequent basis. So this year I hope to get a new microwave for my birthday, what do you think?

What items are still on your wish list after this holiday season?

Make it a Happy Day!

Disclosure: This is as sponsored post. Opinions set forth of that of my own!