Saturday, January 16, 2010

How I Make Money From Home

If you had asked me a year ago if you could make money from home, I would say more than likely but after these past few weeks I can say with almost certainty that you can succeed in making a part time to full time income from home. At one point last week I made enough to pay my electric bill for the month in just a couple hours of work. Who in the world wouldn't want to sit home and make money?

I have so much more time for my children and family now that I strictly work from home. I enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, the reason being is that I am highly motivated, a self starter and a go getter! I love the fast pace of the work I do, I enjoy knowing my hard work for the past year is finally paying off! I am able to be home and start to worry and less and less each week on whether I can live on my own, should that situation arise or not. I am proud to say I am on the path to that financial freedom I so want. It's one of my goals to accomplish and I plan to!

So how do you make money from home? There are many ways to, direct selling, blogging, offer services, sponsored Twitter/Facebook ads and so much more. How do I make money? I make money from a combination of writing for my sites and other sites in addition to offering my virtual assistant services and I also do some sponsored Twitter ads. I try to not do too many sponsored Twitter ads because it's not worth the little bit you earn to send out ads daily.

Below is a list of places that I am making the most money from, they are not the only services I participate in, however, they are my high earning programs (and some of these links may be referral links):
  • Smorty - Great place to take paid opportunities for key words in your blog content. I just started with them but see potential!
  • Sponsored Reviews - now this is a great place, I make pretty good money from this site alone and most of the offers are keyword links and it's very easy to write content around key word links, because you can be more of "you" and not sound like a walking ad!
  • Social Spark - now this is not only a place to earn money but it is a community of very wonderful people. I recently wrote about the community at Social Spark.
  • Pay Per Post - great place to make decent income. I love this and of course it's part of the @izealove community like Social Spark which says something in itself!
  • Affiliate Links - Let see I make a few bucks here and there with Amazon Affiliate Program, Logical Media, and LinkShare.
So far I am seeing the income level rise, and my passion for writing has truly paid off due to hard work and determination! I know if you keep moving forward, you too can be making the money you need to make ... so keep moving and working towards your goals!! Remember; If you think YOU CAN then YOU WILL!

Make it a Happy Day!

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