Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How I Handle Shopping

As a mother of three you will rarely find me going on some huge shopping spree, because one I haven't the extra funds to spend on a shopping spree and two my boys are not very happy when I take them out shopping anyways. One thing I dislike most about shopping is that I can not always find what I need in one place! I am often found running to at least three stores to complete my shopping trips.

Since my third child was born I shop online as often as I possibly can because it's just so much faster and reality is there are many sites that can give you deals, everything in one place and more. I recently found a site like this one called who offers everything I need or want in one place.

I personally feel that having a one stop shop, that combines deals with the ease of shopping online is certainly the way for busy Moms to go. I do not work outside of the home, reality is I eat, sleep and breath work & motherhood from my home, and so if I can save time and money by purchasing deals from home via the internet, I jump right on board as fast as I can!

Make it a Happy Day!