Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emergency Lighting

Have you ever thought about getting Emergency Lighting for your home or business? I have, really, truly I have! I am so scared of the dark it's not even funny, okay well it may be funny to some people, but it's not funny to me. I have always hated being in a hospital and having the electricity go out and up pops on the emergency lighting, although I was thankful to not be sitting in the dark, reality is losing electricity just plain stinks.Emergency Lighting seems like it would be a necessity for any business, personally I want it for my home because I don't burn many candles. My children are so young that I am afraid of them thinking the flame on the candle is something worthy of playing with, so having a back up light system such as emergency lighting would really be a benefit for my family.

Another lighting possibility would be Floodlights in my backyard because then in the Summer time my children would be able to play more outside rather than having to come in when it gets dark out. Most of my land is covered in trees and some swampy areas which means you never know what type of wild animal will come out of the woodwork. Standing by my house door late at night I can often hear the rustle of something back in the woods, what I wouldn't give to have floodlights set up in my backyard so that I could shine a light on whatever is there to scare it away!

Overall I would be happy with more lighting for both emergency and recreational reasons. Do you have lighting in your backyard? What about emergency lighting, do you have anything like that in your home or do you feel it's strictly for businesses?

Make it a Happy Day!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but the story itself is 100% that of my own.