Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Crackberry

Not that long ago I was given an opportunity to review the Blackberry Tour as part of a campaign for my Mom Blog Happily Blended, and I loved it so much. I finally realized why people call the Blackberry the "Crackberry", it is quite addictive!

Not only is the Blackberry Smartphone a wonderful phone, but you are able to be on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and they even have instant messenger downloads. Not to mention you can surf the web, install a Whrrl app and so much more!

I had free service with my Blackberry Tour and when it ran up I ended up getting rid of the Blackberry Tour, not because I didn't LOVE it, but more because I just couldn't bring myself to sign on a 2 year contract for a cell phone plan. It wasn't feasable for me, however, after thinking and weighing the pros and cons I figured I needed another Blackberry and had to find one free. I told myself if I could find one free and get approved for a contract, then I was going to do this as a way to be more efficient in my virtual assistant business. I can now be connected to my clients no matter where I am and that is important when your job and money earned depends on network marketing!

Yesterday my brand new Blackberry Curve arrived and I charged it up a bit and started playing with it. Then I had a melt down because I couldn't find my Blackberry Messenger, it was no where to be found. I didn't reboot when I installed the BBM and I figured this out by finally just taking my battery out of the phone and then starting the smartphone over again. You see, I love my Crackberry and without my Blackberry Messenger I am unable to be talking to people 24/7 .. you know .. I have to talk some how to adults during the day!! LOL

I am now connected all over with social media again virtually anywhere I go ... and my daughter's response to eyeing my new Blackberry Curve? "YOU have a Blackberry again ... CAN I PLAY A GAME?" Kids and their games!

Make it a Happy Day!

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