Friday, June 12, 2009

Thomas & Bob the Builder Shows

I just love watching TV and seeing those live children's events or shows where you see the children and their parents smiling, clapping, laughing along with the characters on stage. Those families always look so happy, I honestly never thought I would be one of those families. Why? Quite simply because with the cost of gas prices rises, the cost of living on the rise and of course the cost of the shows themselves being an "extra" our budget didn't seem to find room for.

Well I just about dropped to the floor when Amy from Resourceful Mommy emailed me on May 27th to tell me that I was the proud winner of the tickets to see Bob the Builder LIVE in NYC. You can read more about my trip here and here. Although I didn't really care for the city life, a bit too high paced for me, I did love the show and so did the kiddos!

I am so happy that having a blog has opened the doors to new and exciting opportunities as well as great connections. I must say I am thankful for a lot of my new Twitter friends, bloggy friends and Facebook friends. Thanks to everyone I am heading with my family to see Thomas The Tank in real life, we will be riding a real train for 25 minutes. I am excited because it is a lot closer to home than the NYC trip was, and the kids will have so much fun.

AJ has grown very fond of Thomas the Train ever since we received a free book from WIC at our last recertification visit.

To see a list of events for Bob the Builder, and Thomas the Train please click here and see if there will be a show or event local to you.

I will be posting an update for our trip, but we are not going until July and you will need to be a subscriber to Happily Blended in order to read the update as that is where I will have the update featured.

So what are you doing? Head on over to PBS Sprout For Parents now to see a list of current and upcoming tours! Oh and while there, remember to enter the PBS Sprouts Dancing with the Dad's Sweepstakes - enter your dance link on my blog post here and have a chance for an extra special gift only for my blog readers!

Happy Day to ya,


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