Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sleep Deprivation Takes over

As the days move forward my son, AJ, seems to be not sleeping very well. My husband and I have been able to get our sweet AJ on a bedtime routine that works.

  1. Pajama's on
  2. Brush Teeth
  3. Read a bedtime story on couch.
  4. Go to bed, read a second story on bed.
  5. Get tucked in.
  6. Go to sleep.
He has done this routine every night with one exception, occasionally he does take melatonin. We do not give him this medicine every night because he seems to only thrive on it for a few nights, then it does nothing for him. He wakes during the night moaning and groaning and so we stop the medicine for a few nights to see how it goes.

After two nights now of AJ having trouble sleeping we decided we would stop the melatonin again for a while. Well he will not go to sleep, no matter how hard I try he will stay in his room, on his bed, but he will NOT go to sleep. The poor boy was up most of last night moaning and groaning and was so miserable today he barely napped an hour. AJ was punching his brother, being mean to me and just had a really bad, rough day.

I am frustrated as a mom, sleep deprived for sure and starting to have bouts of depression. WHY? Well because the lack of sleep is making my mind not think straight, I am taking this stress out on my husband who isn't getting anymore sleep than me and working 10 hours in a factory job as a machinist but isn't being mean to us. I personally would rather my husband be home with me, and we live off the bit of money I make from my virtual assistant business and go open a computer shop because honestly I can't deal with this sleep deprivation any longer. I know him losing his job would create a stressful situation in some ways - mainly financially - but it seems we do our best when working from home together.

I just do not like having no support system to lean on, it's hard. And when we take AJ to the doctors they simply say we are doing something wrong - or tell us to follow a routine - seriously .. did the doctor not get the memo of our routine we do EVERY night and have since the day this boy was in a toddler bed?! I mean really, come up with a better solution.

Luckily we do have an appointment with neurology for AJ but that's not until end of June. I can't wait, I can't do this anymore and all I see is my poor, sweet 2 year old falling apart, not to mention my other two children are certainly not getting the best of Mama because Mama is plain on vacation in her head - stressed and sleep deprived.

I am uncertain what to do, but will try to keep my head up, focus on any positive that will come out of this and lend advice to others when we do figure out a resolution. I hope for the sake of my little boy and my personal sanity someone will help us with AJ. I hate that he is not getting enough sleep, my poor sweet AJ.

Oh and don't mind this post if it's a bit "off" as I am writing it around 10:35pm while I listen to AJ in his bed not sleeping still....and my hubby is snoring on the couch ... must admit I am a bit jealous that hubs can sleep through ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!