Monday, March 9, 2009

Re-Connecting with YOU

OK moms, how many of you have been all caught up in being "mommy" and/or "wifee"? I know it's easy to do, it happens..that is life. BUT I am here to write a bit about what you can do to reconnect with YOU. Again I am no professional, this is an opinion only blog and this is my strict opinion on what I think will help YOU reconnect with who you are aside from MOM and WIFE.

I recently had a friend and well yeah ME TOO, get lost. I am still a bit "lost" but I plan on finding direction again. I have looked into what I loved before I was mom and wife. Really I didn't "love" a whole lot, I became mom at age 20 almost 21. SO I have to really look back and honestly those are my "high school years". I was not such a great high school daughter. I did great in school with my honor roll status, but I did like to party. I partied A LOT more than I would ever wish my children do. So it was hard for me to look back and find passion in something other than partying. All of a sudden I realized what my true life long passion has always been but was lost; writing and helping others.

No matter how lost I have been, no matter how rebellious I seemed one thing I always took time to do was to write a poem, a letter or a short {very short} story. I have started many "books" and they never went passed chapter 2, gosh I don't even know if I have a trace of them anywhere. I do, however, have all my poems I have written in my life from age 13 and up. They are mostly depressing, but they are MINE, they are something I am PASSIONATE about.

So my goal this week is to get re-connected with my passion for WRITING, whether it mean I write good articles on both my blogs and over at typeamom or I just sit and start the book I have been long thinking about starting...I will focus on re-connecting with my passion for writing.

I would love to have other moms reconnect with themselves too...what is your passion? Did you lose site of what you are passionate about after you became mom and/or wife? What will you do to reconnect with YOU?

Looking forward to your comments and stories,