Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girls Night Out Needed

What a great way to add to my post from yesterday. It seems that the girl needs some time to herself, she needs to get out. The only problem is, this girl has no local friends. Every friend of hers that she would LOVE to go out and have one night a week with lives in another state, and not just the next state over, but they are located all over the United States. Lately this girl feels like she wishes she could just take off and fly once a month, how cool would that be? She would be able to get away and meet her long time virtual friends?! In all reality that will not happen for this girl, so I propose this, having a girls night out locally!

Even if this girl needs to go out on her own and watch a movie, eat dinner, etc etc, she needs to get out. She has overwhelmed her life with being a mother and a wife. She has tried to accept that she is a mom and a wife. She has given and given but not taken for herself. We all need time alone, time away. Her husband often tells her that even though he gets away for work, at least he "gets out". Even if he is "working" he is getting away. Which I think is what this girl needs, time to get away. I wonder though, if she can have a girls night out, with few local friends and most of which are in their own relationships with their own family, can she really do a girls night out?

I wonder, how does a girl who wants so badly to feel the love she had for her husband and herself again get out .. and find herself so to speak?! She is looking on cafemom and other networks to find local people, mainly girls or moms, that she can propose a girls night out too. I wonder where do you go to find local girlfriends? What advice would you give this girl to help her find a way to have a night out alone or with friends?

I fear if this girl goes out alone, being a bit shy, she would not have fun and would just worry about her kids all night or just be sad because again, she is alone. I think a weekly time out for herself, low cost fun, would be the answer to solve most of her problems. What do you think?


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