Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Addition To Our Family

We have a new addition to our family. He is a black labrador retriever who was born December 13, 2008. We have talked about getting a family dog come Spring, not to mention the numerous times I have begged my husband for a dog in the past year. Finally hubby gave in, he loves her and thinks she is a perfect family dog for us. I also feel the fact that our 2 year old, who is normally quite shy of dogs, kept saying "Dada doggy home...yes?" which is his way of asking if the doggie was coming home with us, made my hubby give in faster!

She is a great dog, has energy but not too much. She sleeps more than anything. Has a few spurts of energy through out the day and then lays down for a doggie nap. We have only had her a full day so far, hubby keeps saying, "it's the calm before the storm" which basically means we are soon to have a super hyper puppy running like crazy but I don't know. She is AKC registered, but her papers say Limited so I don't know if that means we will not be able to breed her and have papers or not. Maybe we can pay to have the limit taken off if that is the case. We didn't get her to "breed her" she is our family pet, however, we may wish for her to mother at least one litter of pups.

Neither of us have had a family dog or full time dog to raise and train so must admit we are a bit lost about dog training and will more than likely pay someone for obedience classes eventually so that she can take commands and be a bit easier to handle with three children.

I am curious do you all have a family pet? Is it a dog, cat, turtle? What did you name it? we are still thinking of a name. We have the sire and dam's names thinking we will incorporate them into her name. I happen to like Molly but haven't had huge positive response here in the Brandy Ellen home for that name yet.

Looking forward to any advice you can lend on training a pup and anything to help our pup become our new life long family member!