Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy Twos

I hear alot of moms referring to the toddlers two year old year as "the terrible twos". I have come up with a unique but somewhat sarcastic name for my two year old going through this fun stage - "the terrific twos". Seriously he is a crazy tornada, temper tantrum boy one minute and the next he is so sweet and loving! So I figure why not focus on his terrific loving nature more so than he many outbursts!

I am new to dealing with the terrific twos, my daughter never had a terrible day in her life. She was always the best behaved child and still is really. So here I am a third time mom, with my second child being a crazy boy. The corner does not work for him, and I refuse to spank. If I were to even think about spanking my two year old he probably would hit me back thinking it was a game because that is how he is!

Right now what I can tell you with your terrific two year old is to try to work out a routine, be consistant and be forgiving. Your two year old is simply acting out on his new found independence. He wants so much to be a big boy, but still needs some help from mommy. It's a tough age where children wish to explore their world on their own and are learning how to handle their emotions. Without our guidance as parents this stage can turn into a nightmare or be a pleasant experience.

What I do is be sure to remain calm when dealing with my terrific two year old, be consistant and be firm but no yelling. I tell you this is hard, sometimes I just want to scream at him, especially when he has dumped my WHOLE bottle of dish soap in the sink because he wanted bubbles, or when he put two hole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet then flushed it {while I was in shower}'s hard to remain cool. It's hard to understand your terrific two, but I promise it will get better if you handle it appropriately now.

I encourage his need to be independent by allowing him a cup of water instead of having it in a sippy cup, he helps me pour it too! I allow him to put his own toothpaste on his tooth brush, I allow him to help me with folding clothes, washing dishes and bathing his baby brother. He loves having all this attention and responsiblity. Even though in reality I am doing the majority of the work, he sees it as he is a big boy and doing this on his own. Now to figure out how to tell him going on the potty, rather than in a diaper {or on my leg} is much better and a real big boy accomplishment!

I wish you much luck with your terrific two and wonder what do you do with yours to keep them from making you turn grey faster?