Thursday, January 1, 2009

Self Image

Since it is a New Year and so many people make a resolution to lose X amount of pounds, or resolve to get fit by a certain date, etc, etc, I thought why not write about Self Image today, since most of you may be thinking about it.

Self Image by definition is one's conception of ones self (taken from Merriam Webster's online Dictionary). Basically self image is what you think of yourself, and usually this means it is an image that no other person can change. You will think this way about yourself until YOU decide to think otherwise.

I really believe it's human nature to question self image from time to time, but it's what you do with that "thought" that makes you a positive or negative person. Self image is a hard opinion to change - because it's YOUR OPINION. How many times have you told a friend your opinion on a certain topic and then have them try to make you change your opinion? It's hard, very hard to change a personal opinion and that applies to self image as well.

I am what I like to call average; meaning I do not see myself as fat nor do I see myself as skinny. I look at myself as a person who has had three children, two of which in the past two years. So when I take into consideration how I am going to feel about my body, I remember I have been pregnant more often than not in the past couple years. I also do not work out, Winter is here and I barely get outside honestly. How can I feel bad about my figure, if I do nothing to fix my figure?

Self image is a feeling, or opinion, it's something we see when we look in the mirror. You may be the most beautiful person in the world to everyone else, but when you take a look in the mirror every morning you do not see that beautiful person everyone else sees. Why is that?

Your self image can affect your relationships, your self esteem and if you are a parent it can affect your children. One example I can personally give you regarding children is this; about a few months after my middle child was born, I would often be heard saying, "I am fat", or "I need to lose some weight", or "Look at my mid section, I need to start doing crunches". Just little things like that came out of my mouth almost daily! My then 4 year old daughter decided that she was fat, and that she needed these Kellogg's Special K Protein Waters to lose weight. I could not believe that my 4 year old child was thinking about losing weight? When I thought harder about this event, I realized that it was my fault that my daughter was saying such a thing - well also the TV commerical didn't help - but that's another story. That day I made a promise to myself that I would not be caught saying such negative things about my image, that I would have a positive self image so that she would see that mommy is happy about who she is. Isn't that what we all want for ourselves and our children? To be happy about "WHO WE ARE"?

If you have a negative self image; you will have less respect, you will be more apt to fall into bad diet plans, you will be more apt to be taken advantage of, and you will more than likely have a low self esteem. So today, as a New Year's resolution why don't you try to make one that will create a positive self image? Focus on what you LOVE about yourself, what makes you who you are, focus on all those wonderful qualities you have and I promise you will slowly start to see that beautiful person in the mirror that everyone else already sees.