Monday, January 5, 2009

Quitting Smoking

Lying in bed last night all I could think about is why do I go out in freezing, cold and raining or snowing weather to smoke my nasty cigarettes? I know the obvious answer is because I don't wish for my children to have second hand smoke filling their lungs in our home, not to mention I really do not like the smell of cigarettes. So the question is; why do so many people {including me} smoke cigarettes and how can they quit?

When I asked myself this question I was reminded of an Oprah episode that discussed this topic. Dr. Oz and Oprah were discussing that non-smokers don't seem to understand just how addictive smoking is. Smoking is as hard to quit as heroine {I didn't even realize that}. Nicotine gets into your receptors in your brain and then your brain goes crazy when you stop feeding it the nicotine {like my non professional recap?}.

As a mom, I don't like my children seeing me or even my husband smoking. I don't like smelling like a cigarette, I change my clothes often as I am around baby all the time and don't want him snuggling up to me in my smoke clothing. We do not smoke in our vehicles even when children are not in it, because the smoke can linger.

I am looking into options for quitting smoking, not as a New Year resolution but for my CHILDREN and FAMILY. I want to live longer and breath better. When summer time comes I hope to be able to run carefree and not have to stop to catch my breath. I am a young mother, age 27, and yet can not even go up a set of 10 stairs without losing my breath; how sad is that?

I started smoking due to peer pressure in high school and have quit many times, to include during pregnancy but yet I start right up again within a few months of giving birth. I know some people can quit cold turkey, my gram did it, but I can not seem to quit cold turkey. I personally feel the best way to try to quit smoking is to first commit to quitting, second set a quit date about 14 days out, third give yourself a smoking limit. Let's say you smoke a pack a day; slowly wean one - two cigarettes a day. Try to stop smoking at least one time when you crave it most, for me it's the morning coffee or after a meal. If you succeed at that, then work towards only allowing yourself to smoke three times a day; one in the morning, mid day and evening. Slowly you will wean yourself and your brain off the nicotine. Feel free to use a patch or nicotine gum to help you, although be forewarned DO NOT smoke when using the patch I have had friends family members die from that, it's not good by any means.

I am looking forward to hearing your stories on what has worked for you in quitting smoking, or what you are currently doing to quit smoking. Let's help each other succeed. This is a blog for advice and yours is welcomed!