Friday, January 16, 2009

My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy

I love the name of this post, did I get your attention? Well "my" kids are not driving me crazy, they are actually really easy going on most days. Just a bit full of energy. I hear this phrase, "My kids are driving me crazy" from other parents out there and thought I would write a bit about this subject.

I understand that kids can be tough and they can get bored easily. If you take a look at your day with your children can you see certain times when they are crazier than others? Do they seem to be acting crazy because they want your attention? Do they seem to be asking for attention in a negative way?

If you answered yes to any of those questions I bet your children are not bad children, as I don't believe there are any bad children out there, it's bad parenting if there is a bad child. We are the adults who mold our children into what they are; children are a reflection of self. They are a mini version of their parents.

I spend a lot of time online for both work, fun and college reasons. My children, lucky as I am, have confided in me to say that I spend too much time on the computer and I listen to them. I have been working on making sure I have a set schedule that allows for me to get what I need to get done online but also attend to my family in a proper way.

My advice to those who have children that are "driving them crazy" is to revisit your day and see where you can replace some of "you" time with "family time". For example; today I made certain all of my important project details were done before my oldest got off the school bus and as soon as she got home I played monkey in the middle, hide n seek and sat to chat and laugh with all three of my children. They were so happy that right now I am on the computer typing and they are coloring so peacefully and happy! The key to redirecting your children starts with YOU, first you must show them some of your attention in a positive way and in no time you can be back to your work that needs to be done or whatever it is that you feel must be completed. As long as you give your children enough positive play time with YOU they will be happy and not be "driving you crazy" anymore!

Simply put; a child needs a hug, a hello, an I love you, daily from their parents and if you give that to them before they start acting out then you will have a more peaceful day and be able to accomplish more. Not to mention your children will be happier and healthier because they will know they are loved.