Sunday, January 11, 2009

Juggling Act

I am not referring to juggling my two in diapers with my negotiating princess, although yes that does require a lot of juggling. I am referring to the everyday life of a mom who is trying to work from home while keeping up with her children and her husband.

How can you juggle work at home, children and still keep your husband happy?

For starters, the hardest thing to keep when you work from home is a schedule. I am guilty of setting a schedule for work and sitting in front of my computer working way past closing time. Schedule setting is a VERY important key to success and I advise you to keep yourself on a strict working schedule.

Once your schedule is set in place, be sure to share with your husband and children so that they, too, know when mommy will be working. This will allow you and your husband to work together in encouraging your work at home privacy. Be certain that you and your family respect and stick to your schedule. Here's a pic of my ever so supportive husband:

Doesn't he look impressed? Must be because I just told him my schedule and how I will be sticking to it while he watches our three children. {ROFL}

All joking aside, once you set your work schedule you will also need to set aside the ever so important family time! Yes, family time is the KEY to your juggling act being successful. Why you may ask? Well because if you are attending to the needs of your children and husband in a positive way then they will be more than happy to give you the privacy you require to succeed in working from home.

I recommend sitting down and playing your children's favorite game or activity with them prior to heading off to the private office {or in my case the computer in living room}. The reason you should first start your day off with attending to your children's needs is because if they get the positive attention from you first they will be less apt to interrupt you while you are working.

Keeping your husband happy, well that's a completely DIFFERENT story {ear muffs for the children please}. Ha ha! My husband is easy going and really doesn't care about too much. He will go along with any of my brilliant ideas and if they fail he will be there to help me pick myself back up again. If your husband is not as easy going and does not understand why you prefer to work at home, then it may take some convincing {bribing} to get him to understand why working from home is so important and how it can be successful if you stick to a schedule and work together.

Now that I have touched on schedule, children and your husband I would like you to add comments with what has worked for you? I would love to hear if you are going to put my advice to work and please keep me posted on how it works.

Remind yourself daily, "I am working from home to have a happy family and raise my children without the interruption of daycare expenses so that I know my children are being raised based on my moral standards and personal beliefs"

Wishing you success with your juggling act,