Sunday, January 25, 2009

By The Book Mom

I often see first time moms and can recall how I was with my first born, by the book mom!

I followed EVERY rule with my daughter. I nursed her because it was "best" for her, I did not allow her to have a walker because it was "bad" for her. I did not feed her solid foods until 6 months of age, because pediatrician said best to nurse as long as you can. I still agree nursing is best, but just the point that I would NOT allow her to have ANY baby food before 6 months of age. I as a a by the book mom BIG TIME.

Then came my second born, I only nursed him for 8 weeks and allowed him to have baby food around 4 months of age, I allowed him to use a walker and I really had him in his walker often as it kept him from getting into things. I found my guard was down more with my second born.

With my first born, she would never been able to roam. I had everything locked down, all baby proofing items that were available were in my home and put to work. My second born could never be baby proofed, we call it Aedan proof, because he is so curious that he can take off baby proofing locks or just breaks them.

My first born could NEVER be out of my site for even a second, even when she was a baby who could NOT move I would not dare leave her alone. She slept with me for fear that she would have SIDS in her crib. I mean I was so bad about following all rules and being so paranoid about what could happen to her.

If you are like me, and have had more than one child, I bet you can relate to this story. I find I giggle at first time moms, because they are soooo protective of their new little bundle of joy. I do not giggle "at them" but "at myself" because I can recall being a by the book mom. I think how silly I must have looked with some over protective techniques I had in place.

It is always best to be safe than sorry, especially with it comes to our children. I just find it funny how more relaxed we get with more than one child. What is your by the book mom story? I would love to hear it, please leave a comment for me to read.