Monday, January 19, 2009

Ask Brandy Ellen Receives Award

I was so honored to wake up this morning to find that I have been awarded the Lemonade Award from another blogger, I will honestly tell you this award was given to me one time before for Ask Brandy Ellen but two times before for Writings of a WAHM.

For me to get this many nominations for a Turning Lemons into Lemonade award gives me the warm fuzzies! I feel very special that others are thinking of me as a person who can turn a bad situation into a positive one.

I am happy that my readers and blogging friends see me as a positive person who is helpful, giving and honest. You all seem to know the true me, you have gotten to know who I am and you can hear who I am in my writing. THANK YOU!

Now here is my award...

Please check out The Fairy Princess Garden blog as she is the one who nominated Ask Brandy Ellen today. I read her blog daily and hope you will too!

Happy Martin Luther King Day,