Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Working From Home

All too often I see people who post that they are living lavishly and making thousands of dollars a month. Me, being the skeptic I am, will never give money to someone who claims they can tell me how to get rich quick, make thousands a month with no effort or any other similar claim. There is only one true way to "get rich" and that is to work hard, stay dedicated and pick your friends cautiously.

When working from home, you may find yourself online a lot, most work at home positions whether a job or business require internet access. I have been home for about three years now, and am always looking for ways to make extra cash from home, aren't we all?

One thing I look for when picking my mentor is someone who started at the bottom, worked their way to the top and is now sharing how to do what they did with little or no cost. If someone truly wishes to share their wisdom with you and cares to help you succeed in working from home, they will not require you to pay some crazy fee to tell you their secrets, in my opinion, they will work with you and help you succeed at a budget you can afford, and if you are really lucky they will help you for FREE.

As a mom, I believe in setting a good example and even though my children don't have internet access and only one of my three children can actually read, I still know in my heart I need to do what is true to me and sets a good example for them. I need to be honest, caring and giving. The saying is "what goes around comes around". One question you need to ask yourself; Is what you are doing something you would want others to do to you in return? If your answer is YES, then keep moving forward, you are doing very well. If your answer is NO, then maybe you should rethink your actions and move forward in a more positive direction.

Leaving you with one last question; What will you do to better the life of others in the new year?