Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well I could go on forever about children. They are the most amazing people in this world. They are so small yet have so many morals and strengths. Children can see right through adults, it's like they are born with a sixth sense that allows them to judge personal character. Some how we lose that ability as we get older, or do we? I think maybe as adults we choose to ignore that sixth sense.

I am here to write a bit about children, for the reason that they are just so amazing! I have three children and becoming a mother was the BEST THING that ever happened to me. My first born is now 6 years old and she is the one who taught me to GROW UP. I loved partying before she was born and enjoyed the freedoms of a newly found freedom - high school graduate out on my own with NO RULES. When my daughter was just 4 months old I became a single mother to her.

My daughter always had and to this day still has what seems like an extra special way to know what people are feeling. She knows when I am sad, even if I don't look it. She knows when I am stressed, even if I say nothing. My two sons are the same way at ages 2 years old and 4 months old they just seem to know when mommy is not okay.

Children are so easily influenced and to me that is great but a sad thing as well. Too many parents feel that what they do does not affect their child, but IT DOES. Children learn through their world. They see what you do, they hear what you say, the want to follow you because they look up to you and they should look up to their parents. I strongly believe that you need to practice what you preach when it comes to children. They learn so much too fast. Even when you think your young one is not listening - they are! Believe me, I know this from experience - you don't even want to hear all the stories I have about my children (we will leave those stories for another blog).

If you feel that it is ok for you to use foul language and to lie or cheat and steal but NOT okay for your child to do this, well I hate to break it to you but your child just MIGHT end up being a foul mouthed, lying, cheating person. Now I know this sounds really harsh and is not always the case. I didn't turn out exactly like my parents, but it's because as I grew (and became a parent) I molded myself into what I wanted my children to be.

If you want your child to learn to be honest, loving, caring and decent adults then you need to do your best to practice what you preach to them. Not saying everyone is perfect, do I use foul language, do I screw up? YES oh YES I DO! But that is another good thing - I am showing my children that even mommy can make mistakes, it's a matter of "do I learn from them?". And if you can answer YES I LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES then you are doing your children a world of justice because they will see that you make mistakes but learn from them and move forward.

This blog may make a lot of you upset but please don't be. This is only my opinion, I am only writing about what I know from my life experiences and I will mention again - I am not perfect nor do I know everything. I just want to open your eyes on how I see things... in my my own eyes...never will you hear me say my opinion is FACT nor will you hear me say YOU ARE WRONG. We all have our beliefs and ideas, that is the joys of being in the United States of America - we have the freedom to blog about our own personal beliefs and listen to others as well.

I am open ears and look forward to comments (if the comments work - sorry been having issues with comment section of this blog).

Signing off to go be a mom,