Monday, January 21, 2013

Creating Things with Origami

My daughter got into Origami a few years back and has learned how to make so many creative things with Origami that I am amazing with her collection. Since Origami is something I loved as a child, I enjoy that my daughter has a love of it. You can make swans, boxes and even make snakes with Origami. Want to learn how to make a Origami snake? This website showed me how; Totally neat.

Does your child show a love of Origami? We are lucky in that we attend our local library children reading program every Summer, this program includes various weekly crafts and sessions for face paiting as well as shows from magicians and others. A very educational, yet fun, Summer Reading Program where the kids get to partake in various crafts and get to read for a minimum amount of time while earning tokens. Each token can be saved and traded in for prizes in the prize cart. Also once the reading chart is complete, each child earns a free gift; such as an ice cream cone or slushy from one of our local stores/shops.

Origami is an easy paper crafting fun time for all, you can even purchase special Origami paper that is shiny, matte, glossy or plain. I recall as a young child having a huge collection of Origami. I no longer have my paper Origami collection, but that is okay because now my daughter has her own collection I can enjoy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

You Can Live, You Can Shine {poem}

Tears flow from a river unknown
Sad thoughts fill a mind full blown
Hope and faith will one day pray
To take the demons far away.

Life itself is a blessing
Even if they keep on messing
With your happiness and smiley face
Strength & hope will be your saving grace.

Chin out, head up look up to the sky
Life is a blessing and you will see why
So much love and smiles to give
Don't ever become aggressive.

Poem Written by: Brandy Tanner on February 7, 2012

Everyone has a Breaking Point?

Someone reminded me the other day, while I was in tears over everything piled on to my plate this week that "everyone has a breaking point". It sounds normal, makes perfect sense that everyone would have a breaking point but I rarely "break", meaning usually I can take on a whole lot of bologna and responsibilities without breaking. This week has proven to me that I do indeed have a breaking point, that point where you get to when you just want to toss hands in the air and say the heck with it all. That is what point I have found myself at, however, my brain refuses to let me just do that because I have three kids who need certain things in life and I have worked too hard to get to where I am just to toss my hands in the air.

Between sick kid and me starting to be sick, I just haven't had the time to work during the daytime hours as I normally have done. I have found myself up all hours of the night working to make up for lost time during daylight hours. I have found that not only the work and mom duties keep me busy but I am also on the look out for a rental. I have this personality that when it comes to a home or a car I get all worked up and dedicated to finding a place or a car asap. I am not one to enjoy sitting back and not knowing if I have everything lined up, maybe that's the controlling part of me. I am not a controlling sort of person in general but with some things I like to know I have complete and utter control, such as having a long term roof over the heads of my kids and a steady vehicle.

I have a vehicle and I have a roof over my head, but my current rental will no longer be open to stay in during Summer ... this means I want to find something before then. Meanwhile I watch as my kiddo is sick and there isn't anything I can do to fix that except be Mom and force him to try to lay still because if he is this sick, to the point that the school sends him home, then there is no need to be jumping around. On top of my Mom duties, being self employed means you have to be self driven, motivated and dedicated to your work. I have to bid on jobs to make money while other income comes from ad revenue and is "easy" so to speak to collect.

Sometimes, and this is very rare, I yearn to have someone else take care of me for a week. To just be a kid again, the ability to sleep it off for a week is sounding more and more appealing by the moment. I just want someone to hold my hand, hug me and let me cry it out. A good, long cry always helps to move forward. The other thing that helps is rambling on my blogs. Writing is what helps me think out loud and then move on from it.

Make it a Happy Day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Fabulous Easter Weekend

The fam and I had a fabulous Easter weekend ... from Friday all the way through Sunday evening we had laughter, smiles and just plain old family fun!

We enjoyed the swingset a bit more because we finally purchased a third swing for the set that we are still building with wood. Three kids and two swings was just asking for a fight. So this weekend all three kids were able to enjoy swinging at the same time and having Daddy give them a turbo boost.

I usually can not swing for it makes me real sick ever since I've been an adult, however, I was being lazy sitting on a swing with both J and my daughter decided it would be real cool to push me high ... my tummy got butterflies and my head was spinning.

I just can't handle the swinging anymore, but what I could handle was capturing some awesome Easter weekend pics that are being shared all this week at Happily Blended!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Buffalo Wings

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

The other day while I was looking into cable packages on, I got a craving for wings. Since it was Sunday and I did plan to watch football later that day, I decided that I could justify picking some up. I mean, I know that they’re fried, but they’re mostly protein, right? Now, I have had a lot of wings at many different places, but one of me favorite places is still Buffalo Wild Wings. I know it’s a chain restaurant, which makes this even more of a surprise to me. They have both wet sauces and dry seasonings. My favorites include medium buffalo, mango habanero, and salt and vinegar. The salt and vinegar are one of the flavors with dry seasoning and they are super crispy. I have to really be in the mood for mango habanero because they are spicy and they are messy. If I can only make it so my living room has the same surround sound and multi-game television situation, I would never have to go to a bar to watch sports again.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reviewing my First Draft of my Children's Book

I am writing  a children's book, however, it is not a children's book as you may think - full of illustrations and colorful short sentences. I am actually working on a children's book for pre-teens, tweens as they are called. It's a book for tween girls to be more specific.

Right now I am in the editing stages and my daughter is in the illustration stages as she works to design the perfect cover for our book we are collaborating together on.

I can't wait to share this book, I will be self publishing it as that is sort of the best way to go at this time and I do hope when I am able to fully release it that you will all check it out.

Have you ever written a book? How long did you take you to really go through it and finalize it? I am finding it is taking a lot longer to finalize a book copy before publication than I had originally thought - yes even for a short book.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rural Life

Authored by Rickey Combs

I went to visit my old college roommatein Indiana recently, and I had no idea she lived in such a rural area. I knew she grew up in a small town, but I was shocked that she lived so far from anything that even resembled civilization to me. She can’t even get cable internet where she lives. Her only options are dial up and satellite internet. Even though certain things can be inconvenient, parts of living that far away from a big city are nice. The lifestyle suits her well and she seems very happy. We got to spend a lot of time outdoors, which let us focus on talking and repairing our friendship. We had a falling out our senior year about a guy, and hadn’t seen each other since then. We started speaking again last year, and we were both so happy. It was so stupid to be mad at each other over an idiot neither of us speaks to anymore. We cooked, and drank wine, and watched old movies at night. It was so good not to be distracted by anything and just relax.